Cool Gadget: Leap Motion Controller

Ted Talk – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Worth the While: Urban Dove Charter School on ESPN

Cool Gadget – Tinke

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Cool App: Bold Poker

Bold Poker replaces your deck of cards with iPhones!

How to Get Lucky in Business

Shama.Tv: How to Get Lucky in Business with Frans Johansson, Author of The Click Moment

Online Holiday Shopping. The Stats

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Cool Gadget – Whooz!

Do you have 2 iDevices and 6 cords? 4 iDevices and no cords? How many times have you left a cord somewhere because you thought it wasn’t yours or taken a cord because you thought it was. In the beginning white cords were cool but now there are a million bazillion of them and we got issues.

At $10/pack Whooz is a simple, fun, and affordable solution to this problem. Each pack comes with four sheets of removable vinyl labels with each sheet sporting a different look. One sheet includes labels to cover one adapter, the ends of one usb cable and one set of earphones. You can combine the labels in fun ways to create your own look or keep it simple.

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The Payless Card

The Payless Card It is the absolutely free discount card accepted in thousands of businesses across the world. This app guides you to the many locations where you will receive your discount. All you have to do is sign up! No registration fees or hidden costs.The Payless Card gives you discounts on everything ranging from restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, video stores, and more!
Bottom line: With the Payless Card you will be doing some serious saving.

Get your Payless Card Today! Simply fill out the short form on this page to get your Payless Card and start saving now.

Cool Gadget: ReadyCase

Why Jobs Remain Unfilled Even Though Unemployment Is High

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Why Smartphones work for Students

Connecting Apps & Education
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