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What It Takes to Be a Small-Business Owner


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Take care of your customers!

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How to Get Lucky in Business

Shama.Tv: How to Get Lucky in Business with Frans Johansson, Author of The Click Moment

The New New York, a Whole New Approach to Business

Call me a classic New Yorker, but I think This is a great commercial. check out for more information.

Scaling Instagram

Mike Krieger, Instagram at the Airbnb tech talk, on Scaling Instagram

How an Injured NFL Hopeful Made a Fortune on LinkedIn Instead

How an Injured NFL Hopeful Made a Fortune on LinkedIn Instead

Shipping for your Business: UPS vs. Fedex (ding-ding!)

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Social Advertising

Make sure to check out the rest of the infographic. Also, if you or your venture are in need of some preliminary social media advertising strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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The New & Improved Gmail!

If you need assistance setting up Google Apps for your project, just Contact Us and we’ll get you all set up!

The 5 Things in Business that College Can’t Teach

business lessonsHaving a college education does not guarantee business success!

“What?  You’re saying that I just wasted four years of my life? Possibly more? “

No, the time in college is not a waste.  After all, there are many aspects of earning a degree that are necessary for success.

For example:

– Time Management
– The networking that college provides
– Self-Responsibility
– Connecting with people of different backgrounds
– Presentation Skills
– Organization

Notice I didn’t mention anything about actual business information?  That is because memorizing all the business terms is useless information.  That’s what Google does!

Here are The 5 Things in Business that College Can’t Teach:

    1. The ability to adjust.

If you can’t adjust the original plans, you won’t succeed!  Things will go wrong in the start-up process.  There could be trouble with suppliers, coworkers, or developers.  Maybe the whole company itself will need adjusted.  There is one thing that life as an entrepreneur can guarantee: there is something new every day.  Unless an adjustment is made to help the business, nothing will get done.

    2. The ability to persevere.

As I mentioned above, things will go wrong.  The successful entrepreneur has the ability to persevere through the “valleys”.  Did you expect running your own business to be easy? Click here to read more »

Essential Skills For Entrepreneurial Success And How You Can Develop Them