The New New York, a Whole New Approach to Business

Call me a classic New Yorker, but I think This is a great commercial. check out for more information.

Mobile Influence: The Future of Retail

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Web Series: The Silent City

A new take on the post-apocalyptic road movie,The Silent City is an independent web series shot in the real-life abandoned spaces of New York City. For more information, go to

Cool Gadget – Windfall

WindFall – The Elegant Point-of-Sale Stand for iPad

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What are Employers Discovering about Candidates through Social Media?

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Scaling Instagram

Mike Krieger, Instagram at the Airbnb tech talk, on Scaling Instagram

Worth The While: Evening with the Dove 2012

Condo in Park City? Signed Jeremy Lin jersey? How about tix to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report?

We’ve got more! The only question left is…

Do YOU have your ticket (or table)?

Come party for a purpose and order your tickets today!

Evening with the Dove Digital Invite
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Cool Gadget: Introducing…. PAYPAL HERE

The reader itself, like Square, plugs into a phone or tablet’s headphone jack. Created by the industrial-design gods at Fuseproject, it’s a triangle with a fold-down wing that’s designed to brace the reader so it doesn’t tumble off. It encrypts the card data before transmitting it to the mobile device;Square’s original reader was notoriously unencrypted, but the company started shipping an encrypted version last month.

Compared to Square, PayPal Here has a bunch more features. If you don’t have your reader, you can snap a photo of a card to accept it. It tracks cash and check payments as well as cards, and has a feature for issuing invoices. PayPal charges a slightly lower transaction fee — a flat 2.7% vs. Square’s 2.75% — and plays up its debit card, with a 1% cashback feature that reduces the effective fee to 1.7%.


The Radical Growth of the App Economy

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Emotional Engagement In Web Design

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Worth The While: KONY2012


Why Videos Go Viral