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Cool Gadget: Introducing…. PAYPAL HERE

The reader itself, like Square, plugs into a phone or tablet’s headphone jack. Created by the industrial-design gods at Fuseproject, it’s a triangle with a fold-down wing that’s designed to brace the reader so it doesn’t tumble off. It encrypts the card data before transmitting it to the mobile device;Square’s original reader was notoriously unencrypted, but the company started shipping an encrypted version last month.

Compared to Square, PayPal Here has a bunch more features. If you don’t have your reader, you can snap a photo of a card to accept it. It tracks cash and check payments as well as cards, and has a feature for issuing invoices. PayPal charges a slightly lower transaction fee — a flat 2.7% vs. Square’s 2.75% — and plays up its debit card, with a 1% cashback feature that reduces the effective fee to 1.7%.


Facebook IPO Official Paperwork

Facebook S 1

Social Advertising

Make sure to check out the rest of the infographic. Also, if you or your venture are in need of some preliminary social media advertising strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Still Think Social Media is a Fad???

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5 Marketing Lessons that Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Nikki Minaj

nikki minajEntertainers and small business owners have a lot in common. They often find themselves tackling similar marketing dilemmas at the end of the day entertainers and CEO’s are all trying to connect with an audience weather it be a Groupon deal, sign spinners or a girl in a pink wig trying to sell out concerts. While I cringe at some of the Nikki Minaj antics you cant help notice how she has been able to shake up the music industry in 2 short years.

I crowd sourced some of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs on the top 5 marketing lessons young entrepreneurs can learn from Nikki Minaj.

Remain consistent and true to your brand

She’s loud, unique and a self glorified Barbie but it works for her. She markets herself as the Barbie of Hip-Hop/Rap. Taking a beautiful, fashionable, prissy icon and transforming her into a bratty, diva, with a monster-esque vernacular!  She could have easily switched things up with all the naysayers but she stayed consistently weird and was able to tap into a unique audience that revels to everything she does. Being true to yourself as an entrepreneur will help you tap into an audience that genuinely appreciates you, your work and your quirkiness.
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Fortune 50 Companies x Mobile Media

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RandFact: Internet Browser Market Share

As of August 2010

Facebook: Then & Now

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Report: Average American Internet Users Time Spent Online..

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The One Day Business Plan Worksheet

The One Day Business Plan Worksheet is used by an individual or entity to develop a basic outline for how their business will operate. The Business Plan Worksheet provides a format for outlining the company vision, goals, marketing strategies, financial objectives, and support action plans. This worksheet is used when an individual or entity is forming a business plan. via

The One Day Business Plan Worksheet

Women x Social Media

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Use YouTube Annotations to Promote Your Brand